Apres is an enterprise grade AI data platform driven by an AI engine to help teams generate labeled data, predict model outcomes and explain AI decisions. 

We have powerful features that help you automate your team's data workflow with an API to integrate the data with your end application.

Who is Apres for?

Apres works best with machine learning teams that:

  • Require a robust software to manage their data processing pipelines.
  • Desire control over the quality of their team's performance and data outcomes.
  • Want a standard way to automate their data workflow across various teams within their organization. 
  • Want to leverage integrated learning to improve their team's performance and decision making.
  • Need state of the art labeling tools to create training data.

Getting Started

  1. Signup at app.apres.io to create your account OR schedule a demo with our team
  2. Create a new project ("recipe")
  3. Upload your data
  4. Invite your team
  5. Start labeling with your annotation team or use Apres' on-demand team of experts

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