Apres is purpose built to automate confident AI training data. With Apres, each automation you create is called a Recipe.

Each recipe contains three editable fields that can be updated at any time:

Input - How you expect your data will be added to your recipe.
Processing - The directions for how you would like your data to be enriched.
Output - How you would like your data to be delivered.

When you first create a recipe, you will be given instructions similar to these:

These instructions also provide an example that you can readily use to experiment with your new recipe.

Edit/Update your Recipe

First, click on the "+ button" in the bottom right corner of your Canvas. This will open your Canvas Menu and allow you to drag & drop the tiles on to the proper places. 


We recommend that you start with the Input Tile.

Click on the specified input option and while holding down the cursor and drag the tile to the input block. Once you've released the cursor, the tile will populate the block and you will be able to click into the tile to edit it's contents.

Here, we've selected the Upload Tile, but you could also select any other option.

Click the Tile itself or select Edit from the Tile Footer Options. This will open the options for this particular tile. 

With the Input step, we ask that you add a representative dataset to seed the Recipe. This will allow the Recipe to understand the data you're processing, helping you fill in the remaining steps and launch your first batch.

We are able to process: image files, text files and CSVs. A full list of file types we support can be found here.

Once you've uploaded a file, you're able to press Save & Continue. Your input option will be saved and you're ready to add/update your Processing Tile


The processing step serves as the instruction set for your recipe. It is the tool that the labeling team will use to label your data and will educate both the machine and your team how to label your data's features.

Repeat the Drag & Drop process to select the tile you will use for the processing step. Once you've selected your tool, click into the tile to define the instructions. Here we have the Text Tagging tool:

Within each processing template you will have similar features, on the left:

Instructions - these are the instructions that will be presented with each new task to your labeling team. It is important to be as descriptive as possible. 

Upload Instructions - this option allows you to upload instructions that are more detailed than one could fit into a text box. We allow only PDFs here

Tags/Options - these are the features or tags that you would like your team to identify within the content. 

On the right, you have an example of how your tool will look to your labeling team seeded with your data. 

Once you've made the updates your enrichment task requires, you're able to Save & Update and add the output option.


The output is designed to specify how you would like your data delivered. Take the same Drag & Drop action that you had with the previous two tiles and add your chosen option.

Here we have the Email Output option selected:

Once you've editing, hit Save & Update and your recipe will be complete! 

With each recipe, you're able to edit any of the steps at any time. This can affect batches in progress and/or already completed batches. 

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